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About us...

We are a small home breeder of French Bulldogs. First and foremost our dogs are our family. I am a homeschool mom, and my husband and 3 boys are all involved in every aspect of what we do here. We are NOT a kennel. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home, and are never imported. Our mission is to provide loving families with a quality puppy of their own. We do look into any family wishing to purchase a puppy from us to make sure one of our puppies would be a good fit. We build friendships with our customers before the puppy goes home and hope that it carries on for life. We truly enjoy watching the puppy grow up with their new families. Please do your research before looking into a Frenchie for a pet. We look forward to hearing from you!

WHAT DO WE RECOMMEND FOR FRENCH BULLDOGS FOR THEIR AGGRESSIVE CHEWING, BATHING?...  FOR CHEWING: We DONT recommend plastic Nylabone products once they lose their baby teeth. They are not digestable, and a teen/ adult Frenchie can chew through one in a day! We recommend Natural Shed Deer/Elk Antlers( We buy in bulk on Ebay)as the stores mark them up as much as $10 for one, as well as Himilayan chews. Both last longer than a Nylabone and are healthier. FOR BATHING: We use Hoffmans Naturals "Wash The Dog" shampoo, I have tried tons and this is my favorite. You dont need a lot to make a great lather and my dogs smell great and are clean after using. You can find it on their website or Amazon.

Wild Sable Chocolate Blue Merle Blue and Tan French Bulldogs

Why are Frenchies so expensive? : 


A little info on why "Frenchies are so expensive", a question I hear frequently. French bulldogs cannot mate naturally so they need to be artificially inseminated. If you do this then you need to do progesterone testing to see what days would be best to inseminate. Then we go for ultrasounds and xrays. Then to deliver, they need a C-section. That is just some of the costs incurred to whelp a litter. It doesn't include formula if mom cant feed them all, or whelping supplies, etc. Or vet visits and vaccines for the puppies and aftercare for mom. Most times it costs thousands of dollars to whelp a litter. Hence the high cost of French bulldogs. A lot of Frenchies have allergies, so you need to feed high quality food.

First are the Antlers, Middle is a plastic bone, end are Himilayan chews, so you can see the difference. :)

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